Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Institute of Relational Theology - Mission 1

This blog site is not for the faint of heart. However, I believe that anyone who seeks to know God better with an open mind and heart will benefit immensely from this blog site. Have you ever listened to unending debates between Calvinists and Arminians, Free Will vs. Pre-destination, Sovereignty vs. Love, ad inifinitum, ad nauseaum? Well, the reasons these parties never agree is because they debate on the wrong issues.

Have you ever tried to zero in on your personal theology? Unsatisfied with Calvinism nor Arminianism as extremes, claimed to be in the middle but finding difficulty articulating that position? This is the study site for the silent middle ground. Disgusted with Process Theology? Sensing that Open Theism leaves a "bad taste in the mouth"? This is a site that seeks to develop a systematic theology that Biblically unfolds the heart of God.

It will be necessary to critique the other theologies to point out the thrust and the flavors of Relational Theology, so please fasten your seat belts.

When Arminius developed his theology, he was seeing Man's responsibility standout to the exclusion (almost) of God's sovereignty. However, Calvin, in his response to Arminius swung to the other extreme and developed a sovereign God who does not know how to express love correctly. Relational Theology is what puts this tension to rest. Relational Theology, or more precisely Covenant-Relationship Theology (or I call it sometimes, Kingdom Theology), sees both sides but sees the Bible emphasizing Love and God reining in or limiting the use of Divine Sovereignty (by God's Own choice!) in God's relational dealings with man.

Finally, by God's grace and illumination, we seek to offer a systematic theology of the middle ground, a way to articulate it but fully relying on Biblical revelation and not human philosophy.
Finally, we have a logical system to shame the extremes. Read on and be liberated from the shackles of classical theology. Indeed, "the Truth shall set you free!!!"

[added 2012-03-06] It becomes pretty apparent in these site to question if I have a beef against classical theology especially against scholastic theologians like Aquinas and Augustine. The answer is YES and NO. Yes, I am against any theological thought that may be as "internally" logical as modern day Calvinism but has many of its points speculative and non-Biblical ( anti-Biblical is more accurate). But NO, there are good points and perspectives to be derived from such philosophies. YES, because the mixture of right theology with wrong theology is still the Devil's work and mission. NO, it is still the Christian's responsibility to separate the wheat from the chaff. No one is perfect, even myself, so even the best theologians are prone to misinterpret some parts of Scripture or may show some bias in dissecting the more difficult passages. If you agree with the theological foundations we set in this site and then read Karl Barth, for example, you are prone to agree with his statements but may even strongly disagree with his application of those statements.

Finally, YES, when a major theological belief pretends to be first century Christianity or Biblical and it is not, we have to strongly point that out.

Our imperfections highlight the flawlessness of God. God's word never changes but our perceptions do based on our background and the context by which we read Scripture. So we do not condemn people but we do point out their specific teachings where we may agree with some of what they say but disagree, even strongly, with their other statements or declarations or interpretations.

[added 2012-03-12]
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  1. Great way to put to rest how to articulate our theological view. Those silent and over powered moderates now have a label and name for what we believe.

  2. Hi Eric,

    It may not be that busy but yes this is an active site and I update it with new perspectives or explanations on old ones whenever I can. Welcome and feel free to post comments or ask questions.