Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Institute of Relational Theology - Mission 2

We seek to create a systematic theology that is primarily based on explicit statements in Scripture either by declaration or by illustration.

We treat every writer of every book of the Bible as stating either by declaration or implication some theology or concept of God, His attributes, His rights and how he deals with man.

Has any theologian ever realized that the richest source of true practical theology in the Old Testament is David himself? Ironically, we look at his psalms and only appreciate him as a psalmist. However, all we need to do is analyze his theology or the declarations and implications of his psalms and we pleasantly discover the theology of a very relational, very personal, and very loving God.

Perhaps what hinders the classicist is an undeclared presumption that David's poetic declarations are simply allegories or metaphors and do not necessarily mean what they say. However, such presumptions are the height of arrogance. This is God's inspired Word and whatever vehicle and language God choses to convey His message is to be taken seriously.

Furthermore, we have to examine David's life in the book of Samuel and the Kings and Chronicles. We should analyze the way he deals with God and derive some of his personal theology therefrom.

The systematic theology we seek to point out in this site is not one that is Sovereignty-fixated which is what classical theology is in one word. Instead, our theology which is relational can be described as Love-fixated. I used the word, "fixated" in it's strict "negative" sense as you will discover in our discussions. Being Soveriegnty-fixation in its logical extreme will yield an extreme view, while a Love-fixated theology is more open and flexible with a logical extreme that is both Balanced and Biblical.

Our theology will not just be a discussion of God which in the classical sense always ends up with many useless academic applications and rather "dangerous" practical applications like fatalism. Our theology will open up an exciting world jealously managed (NOT CONTROLLED!) by a Loving and Exciting God and will be able to adequately address previously baffling issues on living a full and joyful life in the Lord's presence. It should make life on earth exciting as a prelude to heaven, but at the same time it should make the Covenant-Relationship believer yearn for heaven like Paul did.

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  2. Thanks for dropping by. I looked at the PDF and I commend the attempt to understand what love is. Love is the basis of relationship. So the right kind of love creates and nurtures the right kind of relationship. I agree that love is just a means and not the end.